Milton David Frank | Fine Art Jazz Portraits

Milton David Frank profile photo   Eric Clapton made famous the words “You’ve got to pay your dues if you wanna play the blues (and Jazz)” and “You know it don’t come easy.” I believe that you have to “pay your dues if you want to paint the blues.”

This is a description of the evolution of my art to such a high level, having lived in a freezing loft above a blacksmith shop in a small coastal town in Delaware, with only a potbelly stove to keep warm.

But while I produced my art, the natural creative energy provided the heat that was needed. Painting a portrait of Tom Waits on the balcony with the snow falling on the finishing strokes, or creating my “Mona Lisa”, a portrait of John Coltrane titled “Blue Train” while wrapped in a blanket watching the tides roll in the midst of a beautiful winter storm on the Atlantic Ocean.

I can and will create my art anywhere; The United States, Israel, Tibet. I have already created art in Israel.

Words are the language of the mind, Art is the language of the soul. I believe when you have a gift, it is an obligation to do it, share it with others, and from the sharing, create a dialogue that raises art to a higher level.